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Integrated Patient Transport Services

Integrated Patient Transport Services:

In continuance to the expiry of previous projects of EMAS introduced in 2013 (Under National Ambulance Service-a joint initiative of MoHFW, GOI & Govt. Of Odisha)  ,  24X7 Referral Transport Service in 2014  and 104 Health Helpline in 2015  ,   all   services such as  Emergency Medical Ambulance Services (108) ,Boat Ambulances, 24x7 Referral Transport Services (102 ) and  104 Health Helpline have been integrated  and operationalised as Integrated Patient Transport & Health Helpline Service  - IPTHHS with effect from 10th November 2018 . The ambulance services are  accessible  with a single toll free number “108” and Health Helpline with single toll free number “104”. All services are being managed through the existing centralized call center facility at 7th Floor , IDCO tower, Bhubaneswar.  

The Govt. of Odisha has initiated comprehensive pre-hospital emergency medical service with introduction of a fleet of ambulances (EMAS)   at free of cost for the people of Odisha since 5th March,2018. The fleet size  of EMAS ambulances stands now at   624   (512 BLS +112 ALS)  and  that have been  augmented  in a phased manner.

In a bid to  provide transportation to sick and injured in the  cut-off  riverine areas  of 4 districts namely  Kendrapara, Kalahandi, Koraput and Malkangiri, 6 (six) Boat Ambulances have been made operational as feeder services  to both  Emergency Medical Ambulance Services and Referral Transport Services.

Under Referral Transport Ambulance Service , 500 Janani Express  have  been made operational in the State since 14th July 2014 with a purpose of providing free referral transport services to all pregnant women and sick infants seeking health care services at government health facilities.

Health Helpline (Integrated Call Center) has been rendering information, advice and counselling support to the people on RMNCHA+ & related health schemes that are being implemented in the State. Also, the health advices, facility related information pertaining to hospitals, Blood Bank, Pharmacies, Diagnostic services etc. are being covered under this system. Since the Covid-19 pandemic situation of March,2020, 104 Health Helpline has been functioning as the designated State level Health Helpline for COVID-19 to address all public queries, grievances relating to the Covid -19 situation of the state.


Documents (Click to Download)

Sl No.Document NameDownload
1 Standard Operating Procudure for IPTHHS Download
2 Agreement Copy of IPTHHS Download
3 Corrigendum to RFP-108-102-104 and Boat Ambulance Services Download
4 RFP for 108-102-104 and Boat Ambulance Services Download
5 Standard Operating Procedure and Responsibilities Download
6 Monitoring Mechanism of 108 Service Download
7 Distribution of Ambulances under108 Service Download

Achievements (Click to Download)

Sl No.Achievements NameDownload
1 Scope and Services Download
2 Performance FY2020-21 Download
3 Performance FY2019-20 Download
4 Performance FY2018-19 Download
5 Performance FY2017-18 Download
6 Performacne FY2016-17 Download
7 Performance FY2015-16 Download
8 Performance FY2014-15 Download
9 Performance FY2013-14 Download
10 Performance FY2012-13 Download
11 Referral Transport Mandatory Disclosure-March 2015 Download
12 Referral Transport Mandatory Disclosure-November 2014 Download
13 Achievement of NAS-108 Service Download

Success Stories (Click to Download)

Sl No.Success Stories NameDownload
1 Crew became instrumental for ensuring safe delivery amoung the hard to reach areas Download
2 Nobel act of Honesty and Integrity demonstrated by a Crew Download
3 Crew Member Donates blood-saves life Download
4 Ambulance crew braves cyclonic winds to save 36 pregnant women Download
5 Phailin baby born amidst life threatening winds in 108 Ambulance Download

Guidelines (Click to Download)

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